Swiss Line – Cell Shock – Lip Zone Corrective Complex

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Here is something to smile about! This nourishing lip care product smoothes, moisturizes and firms, while plumping and filling-in the lines and wrinkles aroudn the lips. This treatment will make the lips smoother, and improve the appearance of both the lip outline and the lip contour area.

  • The Cellactel 2 complex has a great affinity for the skin and provides a global anti-aging solution.
  • Nourishing treatment reinforces the hydration and suppleness of the lips
  • Provides hydration for the lips by reducing the appearance of fine lines.
How to use:
Smooth one droplet directly over the lips and on the entire lip area (lip outline and lip contour zones). Repeat as often as desired. Allow penetration before proceeding to the application of make-up. Should also be applied at night before sleeping.
15 ml