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Swiss Line - Cell Shock Age Intelligence - Essential serum - prebiotics + probiotics

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A fan-favourite serum for daily use that maintains the skin’s beauty and balance, while strengthening its barrier and defenses.



A fan-favourite serum for daily use that maintains the skin’s beauty and balance, while strengthening its barrier and defenses.

An all-year round prodigy formula, combining prebiotics and probiotics together with Madecassoside and ATP to create the ultimate skincare maintenance product placing equal weight on health and beauty.

In an independent* 4-week study** 44 women and men ages 18-65 years old agreed on the following:

  • Up to 44% increase in moisturization
  • Up to 15% reduction in sebum production (volunteers with oily skin)
  • Up to 26% increase in sebum production (volunteers with dry skin)
  • 100% of the volunteers had a skin ph balancing positive test


Texture Milky Serum
Concern  Dehydration, Enlarged pores, Dull skin
Skin Type All skin types
Scent  Allergen-free fragrance
Quantity  30ml




  • Equalizes levels of water and sebum, both in oilier and drier skin conditions
  • Reverses and prevents dysbiosis - the altering of skin’s normal pH
  • Prevents pro-inflammatory states, maintaining the barrier function
  • Minimizes redness and signs of skin-stress and fatigue
  • Paraben-free - Allergen-free – Alcohol-free - Colour-free - Vegan – Cruelty-free


We have selected this product for its active ingredients : 

  • ACTIBIOME COMPLEX : Prebiotics and probiotics produced from marine-biology and bio-technology. The complex combines the use of a micro-algae, an algae, one specific bacteria ferment (vegan) and natural saccharides. The different nutrients obtained via fermentation ensure the biodiversity and homeostasis of the skin’s own biome.
  • ATP : An essential intercellular energy transfer molecule - ATP (adenosine triphosphate) operates like a battery, storing or consuming energy as needed. Research has shown that ATP has a strong potential as a skin-restoring ingredient and as an energy booster.
  • MADECASSOSIDE® : Pharmaceutical-grade fraction obtained from Centella asiatica, also known as “tiger herb”. It is not the mere extract of the plant but its purified and much more active form. [Madecassoside® is a registered brand of BAYER]


How to Use

Essential Serum should be applied both am and pm, for best results.

It is ideal to be mixed in the palm of the hand with any of the Age Intelligence Boosters; used all-year-around during the periods when the use of Recovery Serum isn’t needed.

Should be followed with the application of the usual moisturizer, or simply of an adapted SPF care. 


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