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Small Crystal Heart

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The name comes from the Amazon river in reference to its green colour and connection with nature. Amazonite is known for attracting overall good luck in finances, love, businesses and gambling. This crystal works directly with the heart chakra and it is helpful in situation where you find it difficult to express the truth. It is useful for protection against gossiping, the spread of rumours, people who want to take advantage of you and cures loneliness. Amazonite also helps to resolve unfair work practices and to propel businesses towards success by attracting new customers. It can also be a powerful magnet for positive energies and prosperity. This gemstone be placed directly on the 4th chakra to balance and open that point of energy. It balances feminine and masculine energies making it ideal to tame hot tempers and become a more complete person. It is a stone that promotes having an open mind and seeing different points of views in any situation.



Amethyst, also known as the stone of peace, helps to raise the vibration of people and spaces. It encourages spiritual development, intuition and enhances psychic abilities. Amethyst acts as a conductor of positive energy which generates harmony and tranquility in its entourage. This crystal can bring mental clarity by purifying, regenerating and amplifying the connection with the spirit of the universe. It facilitates dreaming, meditation, channeling, enhances focus, stimulates mental sharpness, increases optimism and  stabilizes the emotional, spiritual and mental states of a person. Amethyst also helps to reduce stress, worrying, anger, impatience and cools hot tempers. One of the most interesting aspects about amethyst is that it encourages positive changes and habits in a person’s life. It can progressively raise your frequency and vibration over time, by producing positive effects in your life which can result in a shift from negative to positive, while awakening your consciousness to the spiritual world. 


Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz, also known as Pink Quartz or the “Love Stone”, is said to be the stone of unconditional love, and a crystal that speaks directly to the Heart Chakra. This crystal encourages forgiveness, compassion, and harmony, and helps to let go of anger, guilt, resentment, and jealousy. Rose Quartz is quite effective when trying to attract new love, romance, and intimacy, or when looking to develop a closer bond with family or friends. It has a very high energy which can enhance love in virtually any situation. Giving a Pink Quartz as a gift will improve your relationship and strengthen your bond with the recipient.


Clear Quartz

In the metaphysical world, the Quartz is one of the most powerful crystals and is known as the “Master Healer”. It’s an amplifier of energies; it amplifies the power of your thoughts to help you materialize what you truly desire. It can also amplify the energies of other crystals. It can absorb, store and regulate energy.

Clear Quartz improves your communication with the universe, making your thoughts more precise and accurate. It will act as a filter to amplify your thoughts. It balances all aspects of your life: physical, emotional and spiritual. Clear quartz increases self-confidence which makes it ideal for improving communication skills and public speaking.

During World War II, this crystal was used by the allied forces to stabilize and amplify radio frequencies. This gave them an advantage over the axis forces who used a different type of technology. If a crystal can amplify and stabilize the frequencies of radio, then what could it do to the human mind? The quartz can clear your frequency of any “noise” by eliminating negative energy in order to reach a higher frequency.



This beautiful crystal is ideal for anyone suffering from mood disorders or disruptions, as it provides emotional support and restores emotional balance. Rhodonite empowers you to finally let go of anger and grudges, jealousy and sadness, and past trauma and emotional pain. It also mends broken hearts by encouraging forgiveness, hope, patience, and the courage to love again. Moreover, Rhodonite is ideal for attracting harmony and happiness in relationships and friendships. It does this, in part, by dispelling conflict through unconditional love, patience, compassion, and understanding. Rhodonite is highly recommended for anyone needing strength, courage, and the power to discover and unleash your hidden talents, skills, and potential. It also dissipates self-destructive thoughts, obsessions, addictions, patterns, and toxic behaviours. Ultimately, Rhodonite reminds you of life’s simplicity and to practice mindfulness and gratitude.