Harmony Massage Roller

  • $9.50

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A simple way to help relieve stress, muscle aches and pains. Our Harmony Massage Rollers feature a ergonomic design, easy grip and multi-directional rolling head. This helps ensure an effortless, yet deep penetrating massage.

Easy-grip handle makes the Massage Roller a convenient and effective tool for professionals and home users alike. Knots and restrictions can be felt in the tissue--similar to driving a car over a speed bump--this massager allows you to feel what is going on in the body. Never use over boney structures, such as directly on the spinal column. With a long-lasting and durable construction, This Massage product can be used in the whirlpool or a soothing bathtub, as there are no internal parts to wear out or corrode. For professionals, products can be used in place of fingers, hands, and elbows.

Harmony Roller Massagers (Standard)

  • Colours: green, white, blue. (if you want a specific color, please specify it in the note of your order. Otherwise, you will receive a random color)
  • Size: 7cm (2.75")